Second Grade

We pride ourselves on developing confident readers and engaging mathematical thinkers. Our homework supports and expands upon what is being taught in the classroom and is tailored to meet student learning needs. 

We use a standards-based curriculum for reading and math such as Wonders and DMTI, where teachers integrate technology and art throughout the curriculum. Every classroom is supplied with technology for both teacher and student use to support the development of student digital literacy skills. 

We will also focus on three storyline units throughout the year covering  Community of Learners, Fables and Folktales, and Habitats of the World. These storyline units utilize project-based and inquiry-based learning skills where the students use their creativity and critical thinking skills to solve problems. 

Throughout their time with us, each student will build a sense of community within the classroom and school where they support each other emotionally, academically, and have the freedom to discover their creativity.