First Grade

We pride ourselves on developing confident readers and engaging mathematical thinkers. Students's homework consists of leveled readings and the use of technology to practice their math skills. Our homework supports and expands upon what is being taught at school. 

Students transition daily to the arts, reading, and math. Transitions are a big part of our day, so we can tailor to individual academic needs. Each first grade class will also stay together as a class and transition to second grade together.  This fosters the building of a strong classroom community and helps students learn leadership skills.  


Every classroom is supplied with a SmartBoard, document camera, and iPads to keep up with the technological world. Students also spend at least one day a week in the computer lab applying various skills. We will explore three focused investigations over the course of each school year covering Life on the Farm, Family and Cultures Around the World and an Eric Carle Book/Art Study. Curricula we use include: Wonders Reading, and DMTI Math