Title I

The Board of Directors of the Idaho Arts Charter School (IACS) has set expectations for parental involvement through an organized and systematic approach to encourage parental participation in the education process for their children (see Policy 677). The expectations include having IACS conduct at least annual meetings with parents of Title I students and comply with all terms of that policy to create the named partnerships and compact. At Idaho Arts Charter School, we think it is imperative that staff and parents partner for success of our students. IACS utilizes the following forms of communication to ensure this partnership:  

Weekly e-newsletters  
Phone calls home 
Student Led Conferences  
Individual class newsletters  
School website  
Parent trainings and meetings  
Reader board and bulletin boards in the school 

Parents and community members are welcome to be involved in the daily life of our school. Volunteers are utilized in a variety of ways:  Classroom assistants  Copy machine assistants  Event coordination  Guest speakers  Senior project judges  Academic competition judges  Chaperoning field trips and events Parents and community members are encouraged to give feedback and be part of the decision making processes at Idaho Arts Charter School. Involvement includes:  Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)  School Board membership  School Improvement Team  Multidisciplinary Team  Parent and adult education classes  Community mentors for seniorBased upon the evaluation results received from parent input, IACS will revise this policy as determined to be necessary. Written parental comments to the school’s Title I plan will be submitted, with the plan, to the State Department of Education.