Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade at Idaho Arts is the best time to be a student! Fifth graders take on more responsibility and leadership in the school through the ambassador program, campus beautification projects (including tending to our school garden), and educational field trips like attending Starbase for their week-long, hands-on STEM workshops! 

In 5th grade your child will be learning about Earth and Space systems. They will learn about the first people in the Americas, how Europeans got to the Americas, and what’s been happening in our government and our country since the Mayflower Compact. In math, students will learn all operations with fractions and decimals, as well as measurement, graphing, and geometry skills. Our English Language Arts program uses rich, diverse texts to increase reading comprehension, build vocabulary, and strengthen writing skills. Our curriculum includes Core Knowledge Science, Mystery Science, Scholastic News, IDLA Social Studies and Science, i-Ready Math, Wonders (ELA), and IStation (ELA). We also do a novel study of Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan. 

Fifth graders explore all of these topics through dramatizations, visual art, music, dance, and technology. Our students develop wonderful, lasting relationships with their peers and teachers through their time at IACS and leave 5th grade with a collaborative and creative learning style that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.