Third & Fourth

Welcome to 3rd and 4th grade, where we travel through time from the purchase of the Louisiana Territory to exploring the many intricacies of how a modern city works today! Through Scottish Storyline, our students are the owner of their learning, as the teacher facilitates key questions and promotes imaginative problem solving. Characters are created and the setting is developed with a large frieze that is hung in the classroom. Collaboration is a must as they come together to make this large painted paper collage to create a setting for our learning. With the integration of visual art, drama, music and dance, we are able to create culminating events that are sure to leave lasting memories. Storyline is used to enhance student interest in all subjects:

Social Studies - History comes alive as students become characters from history during our Storyline and Focused Investigation. We study a timeline of events that happen through history using many resources including books, websites, and film during our yearly Social Studies Focus.

Science - Curiosity about our world and beyond are fueled by Science Focus Investigations. Using websites, apps, and science texts to explore our world and universe makes students engaged in everyday learning.

Reading- A class novel and other non-fiction writing with the Focused Investigation theme are explored through many activities. Lucy Calkins, a workshop curriculum, is used.

Writing- Research is done for an expository writing piece, opinion papers are written when a controversial subject is discovered, and narratives are always fun when we get to play the role of a city worker, a pioneer, or an explorer of Idaho through the Amazing Race! Lucy Calkins, a workshop curriculum, is used.

Math- Instruction consists of curriculum from the Developing Mathematical Thinking Institute. DMTI is a conceptual based math program that teaches students deep thinking and problem solving skills.

Our Storyline approach is used with all of our Focused Investigations that we teach each year. The following is a list of Focused Investigations in 3rd and 4th:

Third Grade:  #1 Idaho Forests
#2  A City and Community 

Fourth Grade: #1 Idaho History
#2 Westward Expansion

Our team believes in character building with each individual student and creating an overall atmosphere of respect! Accepting each child for who they are builds trust that is necessary for a learning partnership with our students. Strong communication and support between home and school is also necessary for student success. We look forward to journeying through the year with you!