Software Information

  1. PowerSchool
    • Our PowerSchool site can be accessed
      • You can also access it from our website at www.idahoartscharter.orgclick on the ‘For Parents’ or ‘For Students’ tab, then click on PowerSchool
    • PowerSchool is our Student Information System, this is where attendance is taken and stored, assignments and grades are entered (6th – 12th grade) for easy reference by teachers, parents and students to see how a student is doing and what assignments, if any, might be missing.
    • We use PowerSchool to assess fees and apply payments for:
      • ·our arts-based elective supplies (6th – 12th grade);
      • instrument rentals;
      • track yearbook purchases;
      • assess fees or fines for lost textbooks or library books; etc.
    • All students have a login to PowerSchool, however, they will likely not log in to PowerSchool until they are in 5th or 6th grade – but after that they should be logging in regularly.
    • Parent PowerSchool accounts are generally created upon enrollment of your first child to attend IACS, after that any additional students are linked to your account as soon as they are enrolled and you are able to view all of your children enrolled at IACS with a single login to PowerSchool.PowerSchool is designed to allow each legal parent/guardian to have their own login; ask the office if you need an additional login.
      • Parents can view grades, assignments, fee balances as well as lunch account balances.
      • Online payments can now be initiated from PowerSchool using the MySchoolBucks (MSB) icon on the left navigation menu in PowerSchool (more information on MSB below).
  2. SchoolMint
    • Our SchoolMint site can be accessed
    • SchoolMint is the site we are currently using for new enrollments and annual re-enrollments.SchoolMint re-enrollment allows parents to review their contact information annually and make any changes to address, email, phone numbers, and emergency contacts only during our re-enrollment window.Any contact information that needs to be changed outside of the re-enrollment window should be made through the primary or secondary office.
    • Parents will receive a SchoolMint login when they enroll a new student, however SchoolMint will only allow one login per family.
    • The data entered in SchoolMint syncs to PowerSchool directly.
  3. MySchoolBucks (MSB)
    • MySchoolBucks can be accessed directly through the parent PowerSchool login.
    • There are two options in MySchoolBucks:
      • Invoices:the items included in the invoice section are the fees that we set up in PowerSchool and they sync to MSB.
      • Store:the items available in the store will vary throughout the school year, but will include yearbooks orders, spirit shirt orders, non-uniform dress day, various activity fees if the advisor of the activity wants to allow online payments.
    • MSB is new to us this year and we are still learning, we are happy to try and help you with any questions or issues you might have, but they also encourage parents to call their support line if you have questions or problems with the program:855-832-5226
    • MSB notes on their page in PowerSchool “Meal Accounts & Invoice Payments”, but we are not collecting school lunch payments through MSB, we use MealTime for online lunch account payments.
    • Payments made in MSB will sync to PowerSchool within 1-2 hours, please feel free to verify the payment has been applied by logging in to PowerSchool and clicking on the Balance icon to see your new balance.
    • MSB will allow for partial payments on an account, meaning you can select specific fees to pay without having to pay the all of the fees at one time.
      • Platinum Dance Team payments are the only ones that we currently allow partial payments for a single fee, as they have a payment schedule that they follow.
  4. My MealTime
    • Access to My MealTime is located
    • My MealTime is the software used by our kitchen to track:
      • Qualified lunch status (Free, Reduced, Full-Pay)
      • Online payments for a student or family
      • Manage meals purchased by a student
    • To create an account you will need to know your child’s student number at IACS, this can be found on any of the PowerSchool pages when you login as a parent.
    • Our school can be located by searching for IACS rather than Idaho Arts Charter School.
    • Please only enter your child’s first name in the name field to link a child to your account; with the addition of the student number it will recognize your child by their first name.
  5. Google Classroom
    • Students access Google Classroom using their school issued email and password.This is a digital classroom for teachers to assign and collect work from the students.
    • All grade levels utilize Google Classroom as the learning management system.